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Granville Heptonstall.
Solo Exhibition    “From the Edges of Fields”    May 2005. Witney Museum,
                                      part of  Oxford Artweeks.  
Group exhibition:  Hand and Shears,  Church  Hanborough,  July 2005.
Joint Exhibition with Geoff Clifford: “Ambiguity” The Bell Hotel, Charlbury.  
                                     Oxford Artweeks,  May  2006. 
Group Exhibition.  Stanton St John Festival,  Oxford,  August 2006.
Joint Exhibition with Geoff Clifford: “New Paintings”. Broad Canvas, Oxford.  
July 2007.  
Group Exhibition: The Biscuit Factory,  Newcastle-upon-Tyne,  October 2007.
 Private Commissions on architectural themes:  Oxford Broad Street; Venice Doge’s Palace; St. Catherine’s College; House in Burgundy.
Paintings in Artfulness, The Artspace,  Grey’s Court and Newgate Gallery York 2008-11.
Solo:  Blake Head, Micklegate, York. Jan-Feb 2011
Prices upon request.
Since retiring as an Art teacher I have concentrated on a theme which has always intrigued me,  the borders or dividing line between one state and another;  not politically but conceptually. My first series was entitled “From the Edges of Fields” and focused on headlands and boundaries where the cultivated and nurtured ended and the wild and unpredictable began.  Related to this is an interest in structure, geometry and a tendency towards the horizontal. These show in landscape and coastal paintings, where objects and people work against a linear structure.  I like the sense of limitlessness which the horizontal line implies (and I think that this relates to a childhood spent in flat country and an education inspired by, sadly defunct, Studio International  magazine where the Colour Field painters of the likes of Barnett  Newman, Frank Stella and Morris Louis held sway) and the tension between elements, for a painting operates in three dimensions, the picture space (implied depth), the picture plane (surface) and the space  which the observer  occupies.  My work often hovers on the boundary of abstraction, sometimes crossing over that boundary but is always concerned with structure.
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